Paul Asta was born in South Korea. He is bookbinder and writer from the Chicago Suburbs. He is A POETRY EDITOR FOR HOBART, AND Currently he resides in Cork, Ireland studying Creative Writing at University College Cork on a Fulbright Scholarship.

He serves as one part of Frontier Slumber, and is the recipient of fellowships from the Vermont Studio Center and Indiana University Bloomington where he earned his M.F.A. in Poetry. 



Book Reviews:

- The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri or: How To Find a Good Book at the Airport. - Indiana Review


- "Tell All Your Friends" - Scrimshander Books, Osedax Press (Print) (forthcoming)

- "Where You Left Her" New Flash Fiction Review 


- "Astral Projection, or: Computer > power on > run, AIM.exe > enter chatroom > Hot Chicago Singles #3" 

        Word Riot

- “Became a Burrito Hater at Chipotle” Hobart

- "Bobby Flay - The Supernatural" Hobart

- “Cryopreservation” HobartCassette 74Dostoyevsky Wannabe

- "Dave Matthews Band, Live at Madison Square Garden” Hobart

- "Drive-in Movie Theater" Hobart

- "Eating Carrots at Dinner Alone" Vanilla Sex Magazine

- “How to Successfully Run an Arby’s Franchise (Post Hurricane Katrina)” Hobart

- “I Am Looking For Love” Cassette 74Dostoyevsky Wannabe

- “In the event that I die somewhat peacefully and my wish to be cremated is forgotten and instead I am buried with my cellphone in a cemetery near a McDonald’s so that I can continue using free wifi.”HobartCassette 74, Dostoyevsky Wannabe

- “In the event that I get a summer job working at Foot Locker and in the College Mall Food Court there is a man named Hank working at Chik-fil-A singing a remix of the Ignition (Remix) on my lunch break” Hobart

- "Life at Your Grandparents Lake House in Wisconsin" spy kids review 

- “Lullaby for the Wandering Child” Ninth Letter

- "Netflix & Don't Fucking Touch Me Please" Vanilla Sex Magazine

- “No Effects For the Restless EP” Cassette 74Dostoyevsky Wannabe

- "On Being Asked Why the Night Sky is So Beautiful" Word Riot

- “Self Portrait in a Beckettian Closet Full of Blue Shirts” Cassette 74Dostoyevsky Wannabe

- "The Great American Road Trip, or: Ordering Food While My Father Uses the Bathroom at Olive Garden on Our Road Trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY for the First Time" Hobart

- "The Sad Suburban Life Contest" FEAR NO LIT 

- "Timeline In Which I Do Not Exist" - The Journal (forthcoming)

- “Two Hours Before My Flight Leaves for Houston, Texas in a Chili’s To Go, I Write My Best Man Speech on Paper Napkins Because the Waitress Spilled Salsa All Over My Moleskine®” Cassette 74Dostoyevsky Wannabe


- "Fountain Square Poetry Series," Bloomington, IN (February 2016)

- "Play ball!" Mr. Bear's Violet Hour Saloon

- "Lullaby For The Wandering Child" The Poets Weave

- "Luminescence" The Poets Weave

- "Reading with Gregory Pardlo," Indiana University, Bloomington, IN (February 2016)

- "Rule of Three" Middle Literate, Podcast

- "Poets Look at Paintings," Poetry Center of Chicago, (November 2015)

- "Last Sunday Poetry Reading," The Writers Guild at Bloomington, IN (September 2015)


STORM & SKY is my final project for a book binding class I took in the fall of 2015.